Mergers & Acquisitions

Services / Mergers & Acquisitions

We support top leadership, PE and strategy development teams on inorganic growth opportunities.

Target Identification & Screening:

  • Mapping: identifying enterprises and teams that can provide a growth platform
  • Screening: assessing the businesses and their management with deep insights

Joint Ventures (JV):

  • JV Objectives: identifying essential objectives for prospective joint venture
  • Fit: bringing about alignment between partners early on in discussions
  • Marriage: supporting negotiations to design a sustainable marriage transaction and business model

Strategic Due Diligence:

  • Market Attractiveness: assessing the current and future prospects of the market opportunity
  • Competition: analysing the competitive context and forces at play
  • Strategy & Organisation: evaluating the strategic orientation and operational resources

Vendor Due Diligence:

  • Strategic Planning: finalising the strategy narrative and plan document
  • Sales Support: supporting the strategic dialogue with potential acquirors

Post M&A Integration:

  • Planning: determining key action plans to achieve strategic goals
  • Monitoring: managing integration resources as per finalised plan